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Deluxe Double Cleanse Cloth Pack of 5

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Take your Skincare to a whole new level by using our Skin Sleep Cream as the second part of your Deluxe Double Cleanse regimen.

Crafted from double-woven pure cotton, the Leaves and Flowers Deluxe Double Cleanse Cloths will quickly become a staple in your skincare regimen. 

The cloths provide a gentle exfoliating action thanks to their texture, and used with our Skin Sleep Cream will leave your skin feeling incredibly nourished, bouncy and like pure luxury.  The pack contains 5 cloths to allow you to alternate when one cloth is being washed.

Massage a generous layer of the Skin Sleep Cream onto dry skin, remembering to take it down the neck. 

Soak your Deluxe Double Cleanse Cloth in warm water and then place over the face taking a moment to breathe in the calming scent of Bulgarian Rose. 

Use wet hands to gently massage the skin creating a milky texture. Follow up with your cleansing cloth to gently remove makeup and cleanse to reveal radiant, nourished and clean skin.

Then continue to apply your normal serum and a smaller amount of your Skin Sleep Cream.

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