Skin Sleep Cream

CBD Isolate 0.04% - activates the skin’s own serotonin receptors, leading to a more relaxed, healthier and younger looking skin

Lifting Ferment 0.5% - natural extract from fermentation of a yeast from Yosemite. Visible lifting, increased firmness, elasticity and skin texture improvement

Plankton Extract 0.5% - restores homeostasis of the skin by protecting it from stress signals and restoring its natural circadian rhythm.

Glycogen 0.3% - plant derived glycogen boosts hyaluronic acid in the skin, offering increased hydration and plumpness, while energising the cells to ensure they work at optimum potential

Bulgarian Rose Oil - unique in its fragrance, combining the tender scent of the rose blossoms, the aroma of dew-drops, warm rain of the very first sunbeams