Bakuchiol Power Oil

CBD Isolate 0.4% - activates the skin’s own serotonin receptors, leading to a more relaxed, healthier and younger looking skin

Bakuchiol – plant derived alternative to Retinol, providing a similar anti-ageing effect without the irritation of retinol

Lupin Peptides – stimulates the generation of high quality Collagen I to provide elasticity and firmness to the dermis

Jojoba Oil – with a structure very similar to our own lipids, Jojoba Oil offers moisturisation and protection for smooth, dewy, glowing skin

Carrot Oil – provides antioxidants to repair the damages done to your tissues by free radicals

Borage Oil – a light oil, rich in gamma linoleic acid which is believed to reduce inflammation

Bulgarian Rose Oil - is unique in its fragrance, combining the tender scent of the rose blossoms, the aroma of dew-drops, warm rain of the very first sunbeams