Sadie Leibo has been a lifelong beauty junkie, her bathroom always bursting with the newest launches. Having spent almost 16 years at one of the world’s leading global beauty behemoths learning all the industry insider secrets, Sadie always believed there was room for a new 'Moment'.

So how did she get here? It all started a few years ago with her own experience of taking CBD oil topically to help with her exercise and performance. ‘I felt so different from the first day I started taking it,’ she recalls. ‘Yes, it took away aches and pains but it also invigorated me and yet also helped me to relax into any stressful situation. My whole wellbeing changed dramatically.’   If it could make such a huge difference to how she felt, she wondered just what it could do if it was incorporated into a luxury high end, natural skincare line.  

The key to the whole concept was that first and foremost this would be a luxury skincare line, but one that harnessed the power of nature, including CBD. Almost a year later, Leaves and Flowers was born – and it had all been created in the UK. ‘I want everyone to experience CBD in skincare but in the right way – at efficacious levels and smelling wonderful.’ Yes, there is no hemp aroma here. Rather, it’s Bulgarian roses all the way. Now it’s time for other people to experience just how potent a brilliant blend of natural ingredients, including CBD, can be.
‘Creating Leaves and Flowers is the proudest achievement of my life,’  ‘Well that and being a mother - but then, in a way, this is like my second child.’ Now she wants everyone to love the products as much as she does and her wish is that everyone can now harness and enjoy the skincare rejuvenating properties of CBD.
 ‘I can’t overstate just how incredible I think CBD is and how it has transformed my entire body and overall wellbeing,’   I’m excited as well as proud to be offering its benefits to everyone in this skincare line.’ For Leaves and Flowers this is just the beginning.


Leaves & Flowers CBD Infused Skincare Active Botanicals Natural Organic Vegan Beauty


We're focused on making the most sustainable choices for our products and shipping materials using post-consumer and recycled materials wherever possible. However we can always do better and are actively engaging resources to incorporate even more post-consumer materials, ocean-bound plastic, and refillable packaging into production. We are committed to partnering with industry leaders to set better, cleaner, and more ethical standards. 

Leaves & Flowers CBD Infused Skincare Active Botanicals Natural Organic Vegan BeautyOur Ethics

Leaves & Flowers are proudly vegan, meaning our products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. All our products are cruelty-free and have never nor ever will be tested on animals. All products are made in the UK from the highest quality ingredients.