Flowers Scented Candle

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Your senses will be enhanced and revived with FLOWERS, a voluptuous blend of exquisite roses with a hint of earthy rhubarb. Creating a moment of walking through fields of freshly cut roses on a warm summers day giving your wellbeing a huge hug.

Our candles are made with soy blended wax, flower extracts and CBD Isolate.

We are Vegan friendly. 

Our candles will not take care of themselves so:

Trim your wicks to 5-10mm before burning each use.

Burn your candle initially for a minimum of 3 hours to allow the melt pool to reach the edges and allow the fragrance to be set free.

Due to the natural soy wax blend and extracts you may find that your candles appearance may alter after burning, please do not be concerned as this will not effect your candles scent or burn.

To continue with our sustainability support we would love for you to reuse your candle jar once it has fully burnt.  Simply place in your freezer and any wax remaining will easily be removed, then clean with soapy water. 

220g of pure wellness to enjoy.


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