Winter Skincare Tips

Ah yes, it’s winter again and we need to change our skincare like we change our wardrobe. We all start to feel it on our face as our skin starts to become dry and flaky.  Upping your moisturiser might seem like the only answer and this can help, but there are a number of other things to be aware of when it comes to your winter skincare regime. If you refuse to let your skin suffer as a result of plummeting temperatures this year let us help you with some quick tips.

Keep your Nighttime Regime Slick
It’s at night that our skin goes into repair and restore mode, so it’s super important to ensure your evening skincare routine is not slap dash and more a moment of slow cleansing and massage to really ensure your product is being applied to all areas. Double Cleansing is a super addition during the winter months as well, to ensure your skin is not only clean but to add more moisture to the skin - our Skin Sleep cream doubles up as an excellent and deluxe double cleanse.

When our skin is dry and tired we immediately think to start exfoliating and scrubbing it to find that fresh skin - this can actually cause more issues if the skin is already stressed and can give you extra irritation and skin issues.  Leave this to 1-2 times a week and be gentle on the exfoliating and ensure lots of moisture is applied after.

Load up on Antioxidants
One of the main challenges for our skin in winter is the constant changes in temperature – moving from the heat to the cold outside wreaks havoc on our skin. Spending time inside with less fresh air also has its issues: central heating removes water from the atmosphere, which in turn removes water from the skin.  CBD has incredible antioxidants and is thought to have more than vitamin C and E.  

Skin Sleep Cream
If you are already a fan and use our deluxe Skin Sleep Cream, try applying a thicker layer and leaving this to work as a mask. Gently massage the remainder of the cream into the skin.

These simple tips should give you happy, glowing winter skin.