5 Spring Skincare Tips

New Season, new skincare regime. Spring has arrived and there is no better time than the present to start prepping your complexion for the impending (and highly welcomed) rising temperatures and sticky, heavy humidity that lies ahead.  Here are some of our Spring/Summer skincare tips to help you prepare.

Hide from the Sun

After months spent bundled up in wooly hats and scarfs, slathering on sun protection is a must. Spring is actually a high risk time for sunburn and sun damage because although the weather is warmer, it's still so mild you might not feel how strong the sun is. Applying sunscreen every morning does not have to feel like a chore, there are so many innovative and lightweight formulations now that can layer well with your makeup.

Cleanse, Always

Spring is the perfect time to invest in your cleansing regime to reveal clearer, brighter, glowing skin. Spend 1-2 minutes working with your cleanser in upwards circular motions to clean deep into the pores, focusing on any congested areas with smaller circular motions. 

Don't Forget Eye Cream

Because the sun's more prominent in spring, people are more prone to squinting. To combat the fine lines and wrinkles that can form around the eyes, ensure your eye cream has a high concentration of antioxidants and one that helps with puffiness and those naughty dark circles. And don't forget those sunnies.

Choosing Your Moisturiser

In the spring our skin begins to adjust to the warmer weather and so to help balance the skin's naturally changing moisture levels, it’s best to switch to a lighter moisturiser during the day so not to overpower the skin. But ensure to keep your evening regime to your more quenching and nourishing creams as we know the sun tends to dry our skin out. A thin layer of our Skin Sleep Cream every night will help keep skin bouncy, plump and strong. 

Hydration Habits

Along with your skincare, remember to get your adequate water intake which is essential for healthy skin.  Keep in mind your skin is an organ and like your other organs requires water to function at its best. Drink at least 4-8 glasses of water per day.