Summer Skincare

Spring is just around the corner! Time to update your skin care routine and wake up your skin from winter hibernation.

The change from cold to warm weather can cause a variety of skin issues for most of us. As your natural oils come back into balance after the dry winter, you may notice an increase in oiliness which causes breakouts and acne. This is why you need to switch up your skincare routine as the seasons change. Set aside those winter skincare habits and create a new spring skincare routine with the right skincare products and techniques.

Here are our skincare tips for that healthy, spring glow!


Spring is the perfect time to invest in your cleansing regime to reveal clearer, brighter, glowing skin.  Spend 1-2 minutes working with your cleanser in upwards circular motions to clean deep into the pores, focusing on any congested areas with smaller motions.


Winter weather can leave a buildup of dead skin cells. This can make the skin dry, flaky and dull.

Since you are most likely to show more skin during the warmer months, shedding off your old skin cells should be a must to achieve vibrant and youthful skin as the new season rolls in. 

We recommend adding an exfoliator into your spring skincare routine. Exfoliators work by getting rid of skin buildup to improve skin texture and appearance. They reduce your chances of breaking out and improve your skin’s ability to absorb other skincare products.


During spring, we see more sunlight and increased temperature. You will have more beautiful days to spend outside! This increase in sun exposure means that SPF is even more important now than it was in the last couple of months. 

If you want to keep skin healthy and youthful, wearing sunscreen daily is a must. Remember to always wear a 15 or higher SPF moisturizer, even when you don’t see the sun shining brightly. 


Skin has been hiding and our face, necks and ears have been snuggled under scarves and hats…until now! We so often forget these spots – but they can get really dry, dehydrated and irritated (especially from the friction of winter woollens). Treat yourself to a weekly mask #skinsleepcream once a week to prepare your skin to glow

Spring is all about revealing more skin, especially the décolletage area, ensure to take your Morning and evening skincare down to this often neglected area, helping to repair the signs of ageing such as crepiness, lines, wrinkles and thinning, slackening skin in the exposed delicate neck and chest area.