Skincare vs Mask Wearing

When it was first recommended that we start wearing face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19, few people realised what an essential part of our getup they would soon become. And while many of us have met the moment with a resilient optimism and invested in a mask even the chicest offerings cannot stop us mourning the return of a swipe of lipstick or lipgloss, which is why our skin-care and makeup routines now require some recalibrating. We should all be implementing above the neck, from swapping out heavy makeup with a serum-based moisturiser to embracing a newfound need for creative expression at eye level. 

These times call for a pared-down routine, steer clear of harsh scrubs, heavy-duty exfoliants, instead, reach for just a gentle cleanser, hydrating toner, light serum or gel moisturiser, and sunscreen, and prioritize skin-soothing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, Jojoba, aloe, and of course CBD, its calming, soothing and the hydration benefits are incredible for this moment we are all working with. 

It’s essential to cleanse not only your complexion regularly but also your face covering, so you can easily switch out to a clean mask rather than reintroduce dirt, oil, and debris from a soiled mask to your skin surface, we recommend using hot water and a fragrance-free detergent (fragrance within the fabric can be an irritant and an unnecessary variable to deal with on the skin) Additionally, stock up on masks made from soft fabrics, which will ease friction—an issue that “can create micro-tears [in the skin] that allow for easier entry of bacteria and dirt” and ultimately cause inflammation and acne formation.

Your skin will need just that little bit more TLC during these times, so take your time with your evening routine, allow your skin to calm, settle and breathe.