How CBD Helps Our Overall Health

I wanted to share with you a little about what Leaves & Flowers hero ingredient can do for you. 

I believe we all deserve a calm, clear and happy mind and I believe we are all born with the right to live a joyful and peaceful life. Many factors can influence our change in state of mind, ranging from environment, genetics, hormones, social, stress, trauma, diet and many more.

Part of the reason I started this journey with Leaves & Flowers was due to my wonderful experience with CBD.  It has a range of fantastic benefits, both external and internal. However, I would like to highlight the internal benefits, in the hope that it will resonate and that you will try it for yourself perhaps. To understand further, let me go a little deeper and explain as best I can.

Our bodies have a natural ECS (endocannabinoid system) comprised of cannabinoids and receptors. The ECS is known as the conductor of the orchestra, ensuring all of our other physiological systems work together in harmony, communicate effectively, and work optimally. Now given that the ECS regulates every other system in our body, it’s no surprise that their receptors are present throughout, particularly in our brain, immune and nervous system. This is where CBD comes in and stimulates the ECS receptors all over the body to strengthen the whole communication system in order to achieve balance and serenity.

CBD has a truly positive and harmonising effect on the internal body and in doing its work it balances stress, pain, mood and anxiety. In addition cannabinoids are vastly present in our skin, meaning your CBD cream is essential. Why not get both the inner and outer benefits from your daily skincare routine. Wake up feeling refreshed, balanced, brighter and with great skin. 

Sadie x