Autumn Skincare Edit

As the Earth begins to shed its skin and prepare for a new season ahead, our dewy glows fade and our skin becomes dry, dehydrated and sensitive. This happens mainly because of the drop in temperature and humidity, along with, hot showers and cold winds.

Here are some of my favourite tips to Autumn proof your skin:


Be sure to adjust your skin care regime according to the season. While the cooler months are coming, swap your gel cleanser for a more nourishing oil or milk cleanser.


Switch your light or water based gels/lotions for richer more occlusive creams to seal the skin and lock moisture in. Apply hydrating serums and moisturising face oils underneath your moisturiser. Minimise the use of your AHAs and retinoids if you are experiencing sensitivity, flaking or itchiness. 


When the temperature drops our skin becomes drier. Ensure you are exfoliating regularly and removing dead skin cells. This will give your skin the optimum absorption power for your serums, oils and hydrators. If possible use enzymes over scrubs. 


Masking is a simple way to give your skin an incredible boost and a chance to have a moment to rest, reflect and recharge from your day. 

Masks are endless, cream masks, clay masks, sheet masks, enzyme masks, peels and finally sleep masks. Sleep masks are applied and left overnight to intensely repair, rejuvenate and hydrate the skin. When applying your mask don't forget about your neck and décolleté. 


Avoid long hot showers, and replace body wash and soap for cleansing shower and bath oils. Moisturise your body as soon as you’re out whilst your skin is still warm and damp.


Lastly, continue to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen each and every day throughout winter as the sun is just as harmful to our skin in the colder months.