Winter Skincare Edit

The days are darker, the temperature has dropped and, let's face it, things aren't going to get better. Winter is well and truly upon us, and with it, a host of weather-dependent skincare issues.

Winter plays a cruel game with our skin. The natural moisture on your skin makes your face icy cold, but you need that extra moisture for when you’re inside and the heating is drying skin out!

From dry skin and chapped lips to lacklustre tone and mask induced breakouts, there's an array of skin problems that crop up periodically without adequate prep and care. Luckily, with a few minor tweaks to your existing regime, involving our Skin Sleep Cream and products you already have, it's easy to ward off unwanted skin problems and keep your complexion glowing and healthy all season long.

Check your Lifestyle
Our lifestyle habits have a huge impact on our skin, and they change considerably depending on the season. "The darker and colder it gets, the worse our habits get! We spend less time outdoors (and therefore, receive less Vitamin D; we exercise less as we become less body conscious; we  eat less healthy food; we are exposed to skin-drying central heating. The best way to keep your summer glow is to try to maintain as many of your healthier summer lifestyle habits as possible and take time to treat your skin as you do in the summer, when you’re prepping to slip into swimwear – exfoliate, nourish, protect. It takes only a few consistent steps to avoid sluggish winter skin.

Layer Up
If you do find your skin to be dryer in winter, layering is key and your products should always be applied in a particular order (this applies all year round). Your moisturiser, and lighter, water containing serums should go on first, and follow with a rich facial oil 
which will act as barrier, allowing the moisture to be kept in the skin’s layers rather than pulled out by the dry outside air.

Exfoliation is Key
While you may think exfoliation should be avoided if your skin is feeling a little dry, the opposite is true. Gentle exfoliation shifts sluggish skin cells to reveal baby fresh skin and promote a healthy glow. Exfoliating is even more key in winter when our skin is getting all flaky.

Drink Up
As always, remember to drink lots of water - two litre's a day (and coffee doesn't count towards that goal). "Hydration of the body is so important for hydration of the skin,