CBD & Your Circadian Rhythm

What does Circadian rhythm mean?

We all have a biological clock that tells us when we need to sleep or when we need to wake. This clock is controlled by the presence and absence of light. When it gets dark our eyes send a signal to our brain that it is night time, which also tells our brain to produce melatonin. (sleep hormone) The opposite happens when it is light outside, the exposure of light send signals to our brain to start releasing hormones such as cortisol, which makes us feel alert. 

What part does CBD play in all of this? 

As we know CBD plays a key role in supporting our endocannabinoid system (ECS) Believe it or not the ECS is our primary homeostatic regulatory system of the body and its job is to promote balance and harmony for all of our other physiological systems. It also supports other areas of our bodies such as skin health, fertility, sleep and Circadian rhythm. By using CBD and promoting balance within your ECS we are ensuring that our circadian rhythm is working optimally.